Hiker rescued while injured fisherman has to wait
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Hiker rescued while injured fisherman has to wait

A 45-year-old woman hiker needed rescuing by a helicopter after suffering a fall.

She was part of a walking group that were on the way to the sea via the Cala del Bolete in Cartagena.   The emergency 112 number was called but because of the terrain where the woman was and difficult for the normal emergency services to access, a special 4 x 4 vehicle from the Murcia Health Service (SMS) was called out to reach the scene.

On their arrival, and within 20 minutes of it being requested, a rescue helicopter was mobilised to continue with the operation and take the woman to the Santa Lucia Hospital in Cartagena.

However, a consequence of the rescue of the woman hiker was that a fisherman that has earlier fallen between rocks located on Playa del Lastre and had suffered minor injuries had to be left at his location a little longer.

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