Historic site chock-full

Historic site chock-full
OVERWHELMED: The Dolmens burial chambers in Antequera. Credit: Shutterstock

ANTEQUERA Council asks the local authorities to control tourist numbers to the Dolmens site.

Juan Rosas, the local World Heritage councillor, has requested that access to the attraction be regulated after more than 9000 people swarmed on the archaeological site in December.

Rosas pointed out that some visitors “had to wait more than two hours to see the dolmens and, when they entered, they only saw other people’s heads, since not everyone could fit inside”.

The three 5000-year-old dolmens (prehistoric burial chambers) are both located just outside Antequera, and are some of the largest megalithic structures in Europe.

The dolmens were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2016, and Rosas lamented how the declaration has not led to an increase staff at the location, only security “who are overwhelmed.”

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