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Home improvement scheme revealed

FAMILIES could benefit from a grant of up to €15,000

The Murcia region has announced a scheme to help around 1,000 families to improve the quality of their homes.

An amount up to €15,000 per family can be applied for to repair or upgrade properties in 11 municipalities in the region.  The deadline for submitting applications is January 16, 2018 and all the projects must be completed by October 31.

The areas included in the scheme are Cartagena, Alcantarilla, Totana, Mula, Santomera, Abarán, Ceutí, Fortuna, Blanca, Albudeite and Ojós from which the 1,000 families will be chosen, and was announced in the Official Bulletin for the Region of Murcia (BORM).

The maximum subsidy – exactly €14,850 per house – is planned to cover around 50 per cent of the amount of the cost of the renovations and will cost over €3.5 million to implement.

Pedro Rivera from the Ministry of Development said that the aim is to “promote the revitalisation of the urban areas of the municipalities selected and convert them into more attractive environments and improve the energy efficiency at the same time.”

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