Homeless people to be moved into housing projects

Homeless people to be moved into housing projects

MORE than 200 volunteers have toured the streets of Alicante to learn about the reality of homelessness in the city.

The initiative was carried out with collaboration of several organisations that form a network of aid to the group REAPSHA and part of an overall European campaign to raise awareness of the problem.

Part of the reason for the study is to find those who will be the first to enter 10 new housing projects aimed at the homeless and most vulnerable in society.

The information that has been collected thanks to the volunteers over the course of two days and nights will affect the future measures taken to improve the lives of those most affected, and to completely eradicated homelessness by 2020.

A council spokesperson said: “We are working on having 10 houses in Alicante city for the homeless and is a new programme that will complement the work we do with local reception centres.”  The houses, located throughout the city, will soon be inhabited by some of the most vulnerable homeless people, particularly those with mental health issues, alcohol or drug addictions, and have spent more than a year living rough in the streets.

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