Horoscope – 1st December 2017

Horoscope - 1st December 2017

IF IT´S Your Birthday This Week: Be a part of the shift because portents are guiding you and advising that your energies may be required to steer the ship in the astrological year ahead. Taking control is an option that will see you through to just where you now really want to be.

Aries:  Mars actions with Saturn to bring a dynamic energy to proceedings this week. You are gifted and ready to share your expertise, but not everybody has your foresight and quick thinking. Whatever you take on may mean that you get to take it over, so be prepared for some hard work, and unexpected challenges in this busy, happy time of year!

Taurus: As ever you are taking on the lion’s share of responsibility this week. This is a good time to have a good hard think of what your next move should really be, as you are multi-talented and maybe it’s time for a change? In the current scheme of things there are some subtle changes that could work very well into your routine, so don’t wait go for it!

Gemini:  Aspects of the past come back to you with a vengeance this week. As someone who connects well with now, you must wonder why the nostalgia is flooding back so strongly? Try looking back at something from the past which sticks in your mind, maybe start a family tree? Mercury sextiles Mars, so you get the leads, and surprises you need.

Cancer:  Moon magic allows you to have a free reign right now. While the cat is away the mice will play…and so you should. This would be a great time to put your planning skills into operation, whereby you may even surprise yourself. The charge in your psychic energies shows you that there are some things just waiting now for your tender love and care.

Leo:  Love has many faces and it is your devotion to duties that keeps you away from examining your true emotions right now. You are rather more than you think that you are; and you are about to find this out for yourself. Take time to be amongst those who love and support you and you will find someone needs your help desperately, but is afraid to ask!

Virgo:  Mars opposes Uranus and sextiles with Mercury. This is not a time to make any decisions in haste, which you may very well regret making. Take time to tune into recent events and feel that the negative vibration was needed to take you away from the business in hand and show you, once and for all, a hidden agenda; which is what you so sincerely seek

Libra: Time and time again you are left putting the pieces back together again, but compromise isn’t there in your vocabulary. With Venus entering midweek into Sagittarius you will feel so very differently about making a clever move. However, actions speak louder than words ever could, especially now, and especially where you are concerned!

Scorpio:  Be prepared for a change of plans this week, for the best of reasons! The twists and turns you will encounter really do work in your favour; and they come to fruition when Jupiter trines Neptune midweek, and you are blessed with the positive results that you were waiting for. Whilst now everything has turned out fine, further rewards are out there!

Sagittarius:  The entry of Venus brings love around you on all levels this week, and it’s just the start of a time whereby you need it most for yourself. This is by no means selfish, since you have tirelessly supported those around you who have needed your love and understanding. Now it has to be your turn to show caution to the wind and be loved too.

Capricorn:  Saturn and Mercury combine to shower you with attention because a message sent by you has been misunderstood, and because you have a good chance to help it to blow over if you act promptly. Your intentions were meant to offer pathways of peace to deal with a tricky situation, and now this has backfired, find a quick solution.

Aquarius:  Mars opposes Uranus and it seems that someone will not take your no as an answer. Anybody who believes in you would accept that you are unafraid to be direct and confrontational if you have to be. Find a way of getting your polite refusal being accepted as your true feelings on the matter, as only then you can say this is a job well done!

Pisces:  Exceptional energies have allowed you to start to believe in yourself. You can be unassuming and gracious, but what is wanted now is action, and you are best person to instigate it. Staying silent is not an option when there is so much at stake. Your planetary leader Neptune trines with lucky Jupiter and squares on the Sun… a time of pure magic!


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