Horoscopes – 15 December 2017

Horoscopes - 15 December 2017

IF It’s Your Birthday This Week or Next:   Cosmic aspirations are shifting greatly, and there is a high probability you will change your mind over something which currently seems to be holding you well and truly back from the real event!

Aries:  Mars takes on Uranus just before the Holiday festivities kick off. You are well prepared to celebrate this year, and have greatly simplified entertaining and hospitality down to a fine art. All that is left is to enjoy the vigours of this time of year and all that they may bring you.

Taurus: Venus beguiles Pluto in a conjunction that sees you taking a consequential trip along memory lane, and giving in to some healthy and reminiscent nostalgia. With one or two surprises in store for you, this festive season sees you putting a value on the things you generally take for granted.

Gemini: Mercury squares Uranus, and allows for some communication that’s unexpected and rewards you in its actions. You are forced to make changes to your Christmas plans this year but it is taking care of others that finds you trying to please everyone in the process. Take time for yourself!

Cancer: Resolve is especially comforting at this time of the year, and the stubborn attitude of someone close to you has hurt you somewhat. Making up is very hard to do, but you know it is the only way too, especially with the season of goodwill on your doorstep. Play it cool and all can be merry and bright!

Leo:  Forget what you signed up for and take care of those who love you deeply but do not quite understand your current wants and needs. A time to talk freely, and to break the negative energies of the silence that has developed; which does nothing for either of you. Be true to yourself, above all!

Virgo:  Mighty Uranus steers your planetary leader, Mercury into calmer waters just in time to enable you to celebrate the holiday season with no pressures or fears. Everything and anything can and will happen if you just let it, and especially now that you can focus on what positive energies bring!

Libra:  Venus takes on lucky Jupiter and you could not have a better aspect to look forward to. Considering that you have been in a dark place it would seem that all is coming to you in the form of fortune and good luck, heralding happier times and all the very best is coming your way!

Scorpio: Your planetary leaders are kept busy of late. Pluto conjuncts with Mercury, and Mars sextiles with Uranus. This presents a truly mixed bag, but the endless possibilities are something worth focussing on now that you are less pressured and have the time to realise now just how far you’ve come.

Sagittarius: Saturn enters into your second house and brings back the ghost of Christmases past somewhat. There is much to celebrate this year and yet you are taken back, maybe to see just how far you have moved on? Wily, sage Saturn has a habit of helping to eliminate the past, bringing  clearance.

Capricorn: Time for change as the Sun enters in splendour. It illuminates your pathway for the events ahead in the festive season. This time of year really does belong to you and the clarity of your reactions will set you in good stead for not just the celebrations ahead, but the many changes due.

Aquarius:  Your opposing sign of Leo thrives with the Sun entering Capricorn. You need to be earthed and to know your strengths and your weaknesses better if you are to take full advantage of an opportunity coming your way. There is nothing that you can do about anything right now so relax.

Pisces:  Though you have had little regard for this year’s festivities you now have something rather wonderful to focus on, and something to lead you into the New Year, with good luck and blessings following you all the way! Expect to receive an offer that you just cannot refuse, and turn things around!


Kenny, I have the most terrible feeling that something is about to go wrong. I often get these negative feelings and they really bring me down. What can I do?

Anna G.

Anna, be strong. We cannot control fate but we can bring on some negative energies by the stress that we put ourselves under. If you are pre-warned about something such premonition is hard to deal with, but you must be happy when nothing bad happens! Speak to Spirit and tell them to keep you in touch but eliminate fear on all levels please, especially for things that anyway are out of control.

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