Horoscopes - 22 December 2017
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Horoscopes – 22 December 2017

IF It’s Your Birthday This Week: Looking out across the Cosmos there is magic out there if you can perceive it. So much relies now on your innate abilities and a skilful journey ahead in this very special astrological year of enterprise.

Aries: This is not just another Christmas this year, it is a whole new concept in which you are happy to take the reins. Your positive attitude right now has brought all kinds of benefits around you, and you will move on from here to find where you are happiest. Venus enters into Capricorn and love is the challenge that you can share!

Taurus: As Venus conjuncts Saturn there is the wisdom that comes from the deep nostalgia of the past. Whereas fear back then was your motivation, now let a little loving do a far better job! Have some time to recharge because you seem to have been burning the candle from both ends. This is a fresh page, and you have a whole book to read.

Gemini: Preparations for the Holiday Season are about to be treasured by those who love you the most. As you look around this Christmas you look back at a year that certainly had its twists and turns, but which has rewarded you too, in many ways. Next year brings the zenith of your innermost plans, and it is peppered liberally with success.

Cancer: The month began with a New Moon which brought about a hectic month, now you are craving a well deserved rest; coupled with recuperations on all levels. Whilst Neptune assumes a responsibility right now, Mercury has been retrograde; and the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 22nd will boost energy levels!

Leo: The New Moon will illuminate and spark true love, just at the start of the Holiday season. Conjuncting with Saturn, responsibility is the name of the game as this Moon gently guides and protects you. Saturn has been testing your resolve and now it is full on for relationship issues which must take centre stage amid the celebrations.

Virgo: With all the significant planetary shifts this month, above all you are to benefit greatly from the Jupiter trine with Neptune. Set to guide you until next Summer, it will work on varying intensities. Enjoy contact and communication with others, whilst pursuing relationship levels to share all the benefits of new diverse opportunity.

Libra: Venus conjuncts with Saturn whilst entering the endeavouring energies of a hungry Capricorn. Aim high and have fun seeing things just falling into place right now; you have worked hard to enable this and have been patient in awaiting your rewards. Enjoy this Holiday season and know that soon doors will open and you have to move on!

Scorpio: The Sun is currently illuminating the sector of your chart which rules cash and spending, whilst Saturn in Capricorn is what really gets you going right now. Be concise in what you ask for and Saturn, planet of fear and restriction, won’t make things difficult for you! It’s very important to get all pending paperwork done and dusted.

Sagittarius: Another fresh start looms, brought about by the New Moon in your very sign! Time to create and to go all out for what your true priorities are. You work best when you have a goal to work towards and though self reflection looms high on the list right now, then so does regeneration and promotion bringing you new beginnings.

Capricorn: In this predominately Sagittarius time of the year, it is also a time for you to unwind and to tune into your own chemistry. Explore your innermost energies right now, and eliminate stress. Feeling the fall out from the recent Mercury retrograde you will be in a far more focused state of mind, but check out the inner you, too!

Aquarius: Venus enters into Capricorn on Christmas Day, allowing you to deal with themes that are pressing, such as money and love. The presence of Saturn doesn’t give you the very best vibe, but it is time to revise commitments and boundaries and to adapt them to bring you just what you deserve right now, which is love, respect and full reward.

Pisces: The start of the Capricorn season finds you networking socially and professionally, amidst getting involved in community matters that are close to your heart right now. You are a dreamer, Pisces, so get ready to manifest the visions that you have for yourself, for a change. Mars connects with Neptune to seal a deal!


Kenny what was your favourite Christmas Present, ever?
Bruno (age 10)

I love the gifts that come naturally and that nobody has to buy. I think my best gift was to see a friend’s child take his very first step under the Christmas Tree on Christmas Day. Everybody was asleep after lunch and nobody believed what I had seen. The little devil waited until almost midnight to give his next performance, but I witnessed his first step! Like all happy memories they are a nostalgia we can enjoy forever, as we look back on this, our spiritual life!
Happy Christmas to you All!
Love and Light
Kenny xx

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