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Horoscopes – 8 December 2017

IF it’s your birthday this week:  You need to use all your many powers and put them to good use. The Universe is tying a knot with self help and bids you to learn much more about the inner you. The astrological year ahead will bless you as a result bringing positive changes wherever necessary.

Aries:    Mars is now in Scorpio, and the start of a hard working period begins. Truly you are being tested but when the tough get going they do not do things by halves. Not only do you get the satisfaction of a job done well, but this is an opening to further work on the horizon; and a wonderful chance to show to others what you are capable of too!

Taurus:   Squaring on Neptune, your planetary leader Venus is quick to bring up any unfinished business this week. You cannot be expected to just hold back on what has to be said, but getting the run around just now is a surety that your suspicions, above all, are warranted and that there is much more than meets the eye around a current pressing situation.

Gemini:    There may be two sides to every tale, but what you have been told may be discarded just like a pinch of salt. Though it is hard to have to take sides right now, you know very well where your loyalties lie, and this takes you closer to a truth which should shortly have to be told. Someone is going to be hurt in the process, but what option is there?

Cancer:  With the Moon in Virgo there comes a resonance into the sheer working possibilities of what comes next. This is a time to make plans rather than to just wait and see, though with so much going on this may seem very tempting. Quality is the benchmark that you need to work alongside of this week, and then nothing else should tempt you away.

Leo:   The tri working phases of Sun energies see action with Ceres, Kora and a conjunction with Mercury, to boot. This is a time for contemplation, and getting things right, rather than rushing in just where fools fear to tread. Steering is needed to take your message straight to the top, but be sure that you leave no stone unturned in light of full investigation!

Virgo:   A friendship has escalated very nicely and it is good to be able to share your thoughts with somebody who can see things from your point of view. This may very well be the break that you have been waiting for, and the blessing you deserve in the light of your dedication to so bless others with your good fortune. You have much to give and some to share

Libra:   You are feeling the need to make some big changes, but seem to be waiting for the best time to make a move. However when all is said and done you have to set the scene and make the action work all around you. If this is to be more than just pie in the sky then you have to start as you mean to continue and have a clear way ahead to launch your ideas!

Scorpio:  Mars brings timbre and dedication to make actions now more poignant than they ever were. You are gently being called into using your skills in a positive and inspiring way for the good of those who need what you have on offer right now. You are hardworking and thorough and the time is now, if you want to make changes that will have a rebound effect.

Sagittarius:   The trine of Uranus sees Mercury opening up channels of communication which certainly weren’t closed by you. However you are the conduit that allows the right message through, and the bringer of change and opportunity into the bargain. Be strong and firm in your actions, since not everybody has your energy, wisdom and foresight.

Capricorn:  You have been putting things off as of late, and right now have to see things face on so that your wishes do not become a compromise. Taking control the way that you have had to in the past is irrelevant now, since somebody has moved the goalposts somewhat and so turn things around so that the ball is fairly and squarely in their court for a change.

Aquarius:  Mercury allows you the luxury of expression as you finally get to have your say. You are merely telling things the way that they are, and if that reality causes upset it will show you to what ends others will go to turn a blind eye over what is really going on right now. Keep it simple and be frank, because you have absolutely nothing to lose right now.

Pisces:   Neptune faces up to Venus and brings a consumate blessing into proceedings you attend. This is the very best of times to attend a workshop or a seminar, to enlighten you and broaden your mind. You will find that those people who find you this week are those who really do need your expertise and your loving, tender and sensitive way of loving.


Kenny, my sister finally lost her battle withc and passed to Spirit last month. The family have taken it so very badly that I find that even my spirituality is being tested. What can I do? Everyone is looking me for answers and I feel so empty.
Helen G.

Helen I am so sorry that your sister lost the fight finally. Whilst she was strong in her fighting cancer, now the family have to be strong too, for her. I doubt that your sister would like to look down and see that her death brought devastation in the family. She would surely want you all to be happy that she is free of pain and would want to see that you are, all of you, getting on with life and whatever it brings you. I know it isn’t easy to lose somebody you love so much, but smile at each happy memory you have of your sister and be happy for them. Death is not the end of anything, but it is the great beginning!

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