House breakers caught with, not on, television

House breakers caught with, not on, television

LOCAL POLICE based in Pilar de la Horadada have arrested two people accused of stealing from inside a house.

The events leading up to the arrest began in the early hours of Tuesday morning when following a tip off to the Guardia Civil about a parked car that might be involved in house breaking in the area.  Officers immediately went to the scene to accompany members of the local police.

The operation located the suspicious vehicle, and inside was a man carrying a television on his lap that had just allegedly been stolen by force from a nearby house.

Police officers also found a number of other items in the garden of the house that had been broken into and ready to be loaded into the vehicle.  The car itself included a selection of tools that can be used for robberies such as iron bars, car jacks (that can be used for forcing metal grills) and a long iron rod with a hook on the end that is used for picking up keys and other objects through open windows.

During the last seven days, police had received an increased number of calls from local residents reporting the presence of suspicious characters and movements in the area, and thus the number of patrols was improved.

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