How can botox make you look younger?

How can botox make you look younger

BOTULINUM treatment (or Botox as it is better known) offers ways of reducing deep facial wrinkles without the need for surgery. This anti-aging treatment is simple, effective and low-risk, resulting in growing popularity in the cosmetics industry.

When we are young, our skin springs back to its initial position after facial expression. But by time, as we age, our skin loses its volume and our collagen and elastin stores naturally deplete. As a result of that, we notice fine lines, wrinkles and sagging of our skin.

Many facial wrinkles occur when we use our muscles to form facial expressions. The wrinkles formed during these expressions are called dynamic wrinkles. For example, when we smile our eye wrinkles become prominent, and when we frown the vertical lines between our eyebrows become noticeable.

When properly used, Botox treatment has minimal risk. It is injected into specific muscles responsible for causing wrinkles. Only tiny amounts are used, and spread of the toxin from the site of injection is very limited.

The effect of Botox lasts for different lengths of time in different people, but normally for 3-6 months. Regarding to the Spanish law, only an experienced Doctor can perform Botox injections. The procedure will usually take less than half an hour, including consultation and injection. No anaesthetic is required and apart from the risk of a little bruise, you can return to work immediately.

At Derma Clinic Spain we are well experienced with the Botox treatment, and you are welcome for a free consultation to discuss your aesthetic treatments.

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