Robberies go on
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Huelin robberies go on

RESIDENTS are up in arms over a series of burglaries in Huelin.

Locals are asking police to increase their presence after a pharmacy, bakery, school and neighbourhood association were all hit in recent weeks.

The most recent break-in has seen the association cancel an event after thieves made off with €1,393 and caused damage to the property.  One resident said, “we need our Local Police to patrol more here and in general in all neighbourhoods of the town, because they are barely seen.”  He added it did not make sense for police to patrol industrial estates more than residential areas, saying, “National Police should be sent to the poligonos but Local Police are more appropriate for local neighbourhoods as they know the areas better and are more aware of municipal laws.”

Last month a woman was arrested after allegedly leaving her children at school to go on a crime spree.

The Guardia Civil identified the woman after four months of investigations under “Operation Reja 2017,” after becoming convinced a family was behind a spate of robberies in Malaga.

They said two men and a woman belonging to the same family “had been committing these crimes since March,” concentrating in the west of the municipality.  All three are now in prison awaiting trial.

Officers claimed the woman would carry out surveillance on the intended houses after leaving her children at school.  Apparently she and her two relatives would then use hydraulic jacks to break bars on property windows and gain access.  Police believe the family are behind a series of robberies in Fuengirola, Mijas and Benalmadena between March and August.

They explained a fourth person from Ghana was also arrested on suspicion of selling the goods stolen by the family on the black market.  He has since been released pending further investigations.

On searching the family’s homes, officers allegedly found a pistol, cash, items stolen from the burgled houses, jewellery and 200 grams of marijuana. Police say they may still uncover more robberies committed by the group and confirmed they have now returned any stolen items found to their rightful owners.

The three face trial for belonging to a crime group, illegal weapons’ possession, crimes against public health and armed robbery.

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