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Forced to leave Spain to find work

FILM DIRECTOR AND PRODUCER Ruben Hornillo returned to his hometown of Javea recently to promote his documentary ‘Espanoles en el exilio’ (Spaniards in exile).

The documentary focuses on how Spanish millennials are ‘exiled’ from their country – forced to find work abroad after college/ university.

On his website, 31-year-old Hornillo says:

“I’d been living overseas since 2008, seeing how my friends from college back in Spain were doing one of three things after graduating: studying a Master’s Degree, being jobless, or emigrating.

It got to the point in 2011, when I was in Los Angeles doing a Master’s in Film and Television Producing, that practically every day someone on Facebook was leaving Spain.

It all came to a head on September 25, 2012 with the Rodea el Congreso (Surround Congress) protests and the brutal beatings that the riot police were giving the protestors. That’s when I realized that they were kicking us out of the country, with sound beatings if they had to.

I think that the rage I felt when I saw those images is what gave me the impulse to tell the story of my generation.”

The documentary has taken Hornillo five years to produce. Backed by three crowdfunding campaigns, it includes testimonies and opinions from experts in economy, emigration and politics.

‘Spaniards in exile’ was shown at the film and human rights festival in Madrid earlier this month and has also captured audiences in Gandia and Seville.

To check out the documentary, visit

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