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Kiev Ballet presents Swan Lake

TICKETS are still available to see Kiev Ballet perform Swan Lake at The Estepona Auditorium on Wednesday January 3.

A romantic setting, magnificent choreography and an unforgettable fairy-tale story of doomed love combine to make Swan Lake the ultimate classical ballet, acclaimed by audiences worldwide.

At a secluded lake near the royal palace, Prince Siegfried discovers Odette, a beautiful girl transformed into a swan by the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart. The spell can only be broken when a man pledges his eternal love and Siegfried, instantly enraptured vows to release Odette from her captivity.

However, at the prince’s birthday ball, Von Rothbart tricks Siegfried into swearing his love for the sorcerer’s daughter Odile, disguised as the mirror-image of Odette. Too late, the prince sees a vision of his real beloved; though he rushes to find Odette by the lakeside, he knows that only the lovers’ death can lift the curse and unite them for all time.

The virtuous double role of Odette/Odile, Tchaikovsky’s powerful score and one of the greatest pas de deux in the whole ballet repertoire all unite to make Swan Lake an unmissable experience.

Kiev Ballet is one of the most famous Ukrainian ballets. Having toured all of Europe, the ballet has performed in some of the most renowned venues such as The Theatre du Leman, the Theatre de Beaulieu, the Kongresshaus and the National Theatre in Switzerland; the GuiseppeVerdi Theatre in Italy; and the Cirque Royal in Brussels.

Tickets available via http://www.auditorioestepona.com/.

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