Let’s dance in Javea

Let’s dance in Javea

THE ‘JIVE FUN JAVEA’ jive club has moved to Javea Quo Vadis on Calle Cannes.

Jive dancing is a fast and very spirited Latin dance, made popular in the 1940s by young Americans who adopted the movements to fit with the emerging sounds of rock and roll.

While there are many more complex movements in jive, some of which incorporate spinning or flipping the female dance partner, the basic movement is a well-controlled, 6-count foot pattern that is actually easy to practice and eventually master.

Jive Fun Javea meets every Monday from 8.00pm – 11.00pm – entrance is only €2 per person to cover the cost of the space hire.

For more info, get in touch with organiser Anja Neubauer – [email protected] or search ‘Jive Fun Javea’ on Facebook.

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