Local beauty spot targeted by vandals
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Local beauty spot targeted by vandals

VANDALS have once again taken to the Vall de Gallinera.

Last weekend, neighbours found trees had been hacked down in the Cami del Castell de Benissili, with the remains left strewn across the footpath to prevent access.

Vall de Gallinera Mayor Toni Pardo said the council is convinced that the vandalism was pre-meditated and believes that some of the remains could have been brought to the footpath from another location as there was so much of it.

The incident has been reported to the police.

Mayor Pardo has urged residents to be vigilant and contact the police if they notice any suspicious activity.

Although the culprit has not yet been caught, it is reported that some neighbours know who is responsible, although refuse to contact the police.

Pardo said:

“Someone must have seen something, but I am of the opinion that no one is contacting the police for fear of reprisals.”

The incident has also been reported to the Ministry of Environment, who have said that there is little they can do without knowing the identity of the vandals.

Mayor Pardo confirmed that surveillance will be increased and recalled that this is not the first time the Vall de Gallinera has fallen victim to vandalism – in October last year, a dozen pine trees were cut down across the same footpath to prevent access. Shortly before that, someone destroyed all eight of the ‘Rutadels 8 pobles’ signs that connect the urban nuclei of the area.

Just last month, someone also destroyed the railing to the footpath which was built by neighbours from the remains of the first felled trees.

Have you seen any suspicious activity in the Vall de Gallinera? If so, please get in touch with the Ayuntamiento or the Guardia Civil.

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