Local police unhurt in drink-drive crash horror
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Local police unhurt in drink-drive crash horror

A MAN found to be driving a car with double the permitted rate of alcohol in his system has crashed into a police car in Torrevieja.

The accident happened at the start of the month but details have only just been made public.

The local police officers, who were on patrol on a call-out to a complaint about loud music in a nearby house, were left uninjured by the impact of the collision which totally destroyed the front of their car.

According to reports, the offending car drove through a stop sign at the junction of Calle Almudena and Calle Maestro Francisco Casanova in Torrevieja at around 2.25am and hit the police car containing two officers.

The car was a BMW 530 and driven by a man believed to be holding Slovakian nationality, and was driving so fast through the stop sign that the police were unable to react in time to avoid the crash.   The man was tested positive for alcohol and arrested at the scene, and later stated that he didn’t see either the stop sign or the patrol car.

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