Local region evictions buck national trend
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Local region evictions buck national trend

DESPITE the economic recovery being experienced across all areas of Spain, it hasn’t stopped the numbers of evictions in the Murcia region.

When many provinces are showing falls in the numbers of people being thrown out of their homes, Murcia has recorded an increase of 8.8 per cent during the third quarter of this year.

Between July and September, 531 cases were registered in the Region, which ranks fourth among all the autonomous communities in Spain.  The majority of the cases, 320, were due to non-payment of mortgages and 207 because of non-payment of rent.  The remaining four were due to other causes.

The 320 mortgage-related evictions place the Murcia region in fourth place behind

Andalusia with 943; Catalonia (701); and the Valencian Community (647). In fifth place, behind Murcia, comes Madrid, with 223 cases.

Murcia is also in the top five where foreclosures have been initiated – 490 – which will subsequently result in new evictions in the future.  Andalusia also tops this list with 1,329 cases and accounting for almost 25 per cent of the national total.

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