Malaga airport workers worry for jobs

Airport workers worry

WORKERS at Malaga Airport are concerned about their working conditions after new managers are due to move in.

The employees of the airport’s bars and restaurants have received support from all Malaga’s political parties after the current operator Aena put out a €100 million tender to find new operators for the catering facilities.

The workers fear the eight-year contract does not provide any assurances over their rights.  Miguel Angel Salazar, chairman of the works council, confirmed, “the Aena specifications do not guarantee that all conditions will be met,” if the tender is awarded to several different companies.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed the airport’s firemen have asked to become municipal employees.

The group has asked Spain’s central government to be given the “status of public employees.”  Their spokesman, Eduardo Zorilla, has claimed, “the security of the people who use our airports will be guaranteed by greater security, stronger rights and a faster and more effective service.” Zorilla added the group deserved to be recognised for the “essential work they do to save lives.”

The controversy comes after a body responsible for checking work conditions has discovered “proven deficiencies in occupational risk prevention” at the Malaga Martiricos fire park.  It is the second time the organisation has written to the council to complain about standards at the site although the building is due for a €3.2 million facelift in December.

It is now demanding officials be consulted in any matters relating to health and safety as well as the psychological health of fire workers.  The body also criticised the council for electrical risks in the station, including unprotected cables and boxes, dampness in the ceiling and bedroom, lack of anti-slip tape on the stairs.

A €3,242,065 project will see equipment at the Paseo de Martiricos station upgraded and improved from December 1 onwards.

The works, which are expected to take around 24 months, will be carries out in six stages and will include improvements to the building’s structure and design. The building covers a total of 5,448.86 square metres, including 2.955,48 square meters on the ground floor, 433.97 square meters of mezzanine and 2,059.41 meters squares on the top floor.

Further improvements will include work to the firefighters’ sleeping and rest area, as well as the creation of a new emergency staircase.

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