Man arrested for abandoning dying companion

Man arrested for abandoning dying companion

OFFICERS from the National Police in Alicante have arrested a man for allegedly abandoning someone as they were dying.

The woman had apparently suffered a fatal heart attack and the detained man left her in a car in the area of a local cemetery without informing the medical services of the situation.  According to reports from the police, a 58-year-old man was arrested after they received a 091 emergency call from someone who discovered the lifeless body of a woman in a car.

The homicide section of the Judicial Police Brigade of Alicante immediately took over the investigation, and although the death occurred as a result of a cardiac arrest the police stated that they needed to identify the man with her at the time when she suffered the fatal attack.

After just a few days, the investigators discovered the identity of the arrested man who was known to the woman, and who, rather than inform the medical services or the police of what had happened to his companion, simply left the scene as if nothing had happened.

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