More help for stroke victims

More help for stroke victims

MALAGA’S Carlos Haya Hospital is doubling its capacity to deal with stroke victims.

The move will mean fewer patients will be sent to Cordoba to be treated after the hospital’s stroke section increased from four to eight beds.

Patients requiring a thrombectomy to remove a clot will now be able to be treated in Malaga in the evenings and weekends. So far the procedure- which can only take place within six hours of a stroke- has only been carried out from Monday to Friday in the morning.  Last year, 14 patients instead had to be treated in Cordoba owing to Carlos Haya’s limited treatment times. Two new doctors have now been hired at the hospital to add to the existing two specialists at the unit.

The expanded section will open in the second half of January, benefiting around between 450 and 500 patients a year.  The €60,000 project will see the unit fitted with the latest technology to monitor patients.

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