New playgrounds at airport

New playgrounds at airport

MALAGA AIRPORT now boasts seven new playgrounds.

The facilities, which are aimed at children aged between two and eight, are positioned in different parts of terminals two and three at both Arrivals and Departures.

Operator Aena announced the development, explaining the move was designed to reinforce the airport’s reputation as a family area.  In June, a facility was introduced to separate family travellers from others at security for the ease of both.

Last month complained a playground is becoming overrun with rubbish. Residents say plastics and paper are left scattered around the park in Puerta Blanca and are complaining about “increasingly worse conditions.”

According to media reports, one local claimed, “on Saturday I passed by and the situation was horrible. There were two rubbish bins with rubbish scattered throughout the park,” adding, “for a long time this park has been neglected and very dirty. I have never seen cleaning or maintenance personnel in the area and it is totally unhealthy for children.”  The resident also complained, “the floor is artificial turf and is literally covered with bags … etc. And around the park there is natural grass that is also full of garbage and dog poop.”

In August, alleged poor conditions at a playground in Torremolinos prompted outrage from locals after three people were injured when a swing collapsed in La Bateria Park.

Two girls and one woman were hurt in the incident, which left one of the girls in hospital with two leg injuries, while the other girl, aged 5, was treated for back pain.  Her mother was hit on the arm as she tried to stop the structure falling on the children and is now unable to move three of her fingers.

The woman explained, “it was a good thing I had instinctively put my arm up because the bar went directly towards the girls’ head.”

Police tape now seals off the swing-set while the girl’s mother says she is considering denouncing the town hall, claiming the set “was rotten inside”, adding, “after it came down we could see the condition of it and it is a shame.  If I had known before I would not have taken my daughter to the park.”

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