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New police officers in Malaga

THIRTY-SIX new Local Police officers have been sworn in in Malaga.

The city’s Mayor, Francisco de la Torre, accompanied by Mario Cortes, Councillor for Security, presided over the event, which coincided with the body’s 175th anniversary.

Meanwhile, last month, 3,000 police officers gathered in Malaga to demand equal pay with their regional counterparts.

The protest took place in Plaza de la Constitucion, with officers waving banners saying, “it’s now or never.”  They claim the issue came to a head after police from all over Spain were drafted in to help out with the constitutional crisis in Catalonia, highlighting the disparity in pay between officers from different areas.  One officer said, “the wage discrimination was there before, it is an old issue, but from that day it went from being a police problem to one for all of society.  That’s why it’s now or never.  We will never have such social backing again.”

They claim police in the Guardia Civil are paid €1,350 a month, while their equivalents in Catalonia are paid around €2,000 on average a month.  In addition, offices are claiming they are subject to overcrowding and “terrible” hygiene and food.

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