New species for Malaga

New species for Malaga

A SCIENTIST has found a new species of parrot in Parque de Malaga.

Professor Antonio Roman discovered the choclero bird, which has never previously bred in the wild outside of its native South America, on the Costa del Sol.

The scientist from the University of Malaga explained he had observed examples of the birds in couples and with their young, showing the bird can breed outside its normal habitat of Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil.

He added, “we were able to observe adults feeding a chick on a tour with a group of students,” explaining the bird probably arrived in Spain legally as they can be bought in shops.  He added,“Malaga is one of the most climatologically appropriate places for birds that escape to find the conditions to survive and reproduce.”

The choclero joins three other species of parrot inhabiting Malaga’s trees.  The most prolific is the Argentine parrot with more than 4,000 birds living in the city, followed by Kramer’s parrot, with around 130 to 140 examples.  Finally, around five Senegalese parrots, which are easily identified by their striking yellow belly, have been found in Malaga.

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