No pay as ‘she’ tries to earn

No pay as she tries to earn

A 66-YEAR-OLD man was forced to call police to his house in Molina in the Murcia region in the aftermath of refusing to pay for a prostitute.

It appears that the businessman had contacted the woman via a website, picked her up in Albacete and spent three days with her, at the end of which he refused to pay her.  She, on the other hand, refused to leave the man’s house until he did settle up with her for the sexual services that she had agreed to provide for the days in question.

The man, who has not been identified, then telephoned the local police in Molina de Segura to fully explain the situation.

When the officers arrived, the businessman admitted that the girl had travelled from Madrid to Albacete – from where he collected her – and took her to Molina where he availed himself of the service for which he’d agreed a rate of €150 per day.

The girl, a 25-year-old originally from South America, said that she was owed €450 and would not leave the premises until she got what she was due.  Police advised her that she had every right to denounce her client but also suggest it would be best if she left with them…which she did.

The man explained that he refused to pay because he didn’t get what he thought he’d hired as his pick-up turned out to be a transsexual woman complete with male genitals….

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