Not just for Christmas

Not just for Christmas
A LIFETIME COMMITMENT: Consider the commitment you are making before you get a pet Photo credit pets4homes

PRESIDENT of Malaga’s Protectora de Animales Carmen Manzano has asked people to ‘adopt, not shop’ this Christmas.

Manzano revealed that a total of 1,453 animals have been rescued from the streets of Malaga this year – including 1,038 dogs and 344 cats.

114 animals have had to be euthanised, many puppies abandoned still with their umbilical cords attached and animals abused or run over.

Manzano stressed that when people adopt an animal from the protectora, they “help two animals: the one they take home and the one that can be welcomed at the protectora in its place.”

Remember this festive season, a pet is not just for Christmas.

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