Costa Blanca nursing home investigated

Nursing home investigated
HOSPITAL MARINA SALUD DE DENIA: Gangrene was diagnosed

AN ELDERLY woman who was admitted to a nursing home last year had to have her left leg urgently amputated because she had gangrene.

The family of the pensioner has denounced the nursing home for its “lack of medical attention and care” and an investigation is probing whether the resident doctor is guilty of injury by negligence.

The woman moved in to the nursing home in December 2016 and at that time had a cut on her heel.

She was checked over at Hospital Marina Salud de Denia and doctors recommended that the cut should be kept under close supervision at the nursing home, especially given the patient suffers from diabetes so an infection could have serious consequences.

The family observed the deterioration of the woman’s foot but the resident doctor at the nursing home did nothing, ignoring the hospital’s recommendations.

Two months later, the pain in the patient’s foot was unbearable and the discomfort “made it impossible to touch any part of her body.”

In February, the family decided to take action and called an ambulance to take the woman to A & E at Hospital Marina Salud de Denia.

After an exhaustive investigation, doctors diagnosed gangrene in the foot and given its severity, decided to amputate the patient’s left leg.

The family immediately discharged the woman from the nursing home and once she had fully recovered, they filed a denuncia in Denia.

The investigation continues.

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