Off-duty policeman helps catch young thief

Off-duty policeman helps catch young thief

AN off-duty policeman and two others physically held down a young man who had allegedly robbed a child in Lorca.

The events took place at the end of November in the Plaza de Vera when a local off-duty police officer in the area at the time was alerted by a number of people saying that a young man was intimidating and threatening a group of young people playing in the square.

Councillor María Belén Pérez said that the police officer immediately approached the young man accused of the crime, asking him what caused him to behave in such a manner.  When the policeman asked him to show him his identity card, the man pushed the officer and tried to flee from the area.  It was at this point that he was quickly chased and caught by the officer and two parents of children playing nearby.

A few moments later, another teenager aged 14 came up to the police officer to report that he’d been the victim of the young man they had detained.  He stated that he’d been punched and kicked as he tried to steal money and other possessions.

The young man was arrested on suspicion of robbery with violence and intimidation and taken to the National Police HQ by members of the local police who arrived at the scene to support their off-duty colleague.

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