Officer remanded over killer crash
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Officer remanded over killer crash

A GUARDIA CIVIL officer will be kept in prison until his trial for reckless homicide.

A Torremolinos court has decreed the accused should remain behind bars until his trial for killing three people after it was agreed he constituted a flight risk.

The man is said to have killed three people and injured three others while driving high on alcohol and drugs on June 28. An expert report claimed he shows “rational signs of criminality,” and drove with “excess speed.”

The court also took into account the fact the man allegedly tried to flee the scene, as well as the “nature and seriousness of the alleged crimes,” and the “seriousness of the penalties that could be imposed on him.”  It came to the conclusion he therefore posed “a real and serious risk of evasion” if freed.  Lawyers also argued the officer posed a risk of “committing a crime again, given the serious narcotic addictions revealed, with the consequent risk to the roads and especially to other drivers and pedestrians.”

In August it was revealed the Guardia Civil officer, known only as Sergeant Miguel, faces four and a half years in prison for killing three and injuring seven in a car accident.

Three survivors were left  in a serious condition in hospital after the policeman, who is accused of driving at high speed and swerving between lanes on the A7 outside Torremonlinos, hit two cars.  The officer, who was previously the subject of six internal police investigations, and who was fined €650 in 2015 for threatening his neighbour, claims he was driving at a normal speed.

Sergeant Miguel is also accused of trying to flee the scene of the accident, hurdling the central reservation and escaping into a pine forest.  Two passing members of the National Police chased and caught up with him.  He allegedly told the officers “I wasn’t driving, I was with another member of the Guardia Civil.  The accident had nothing to do with me.”  When asked in court why he fled, Sergeant Miguel said at that moment he “just wanted to die.”

He then allegedly tried to resist arrest after being breathalysed and found to have 0.47 and 0.50 milligrams of alcohol per litre of air in the two tests carried out. Once at the police station, Sergeant Miguel also tested positive for cocaine in a drugs test.

The accused, who protests his innocence, says he had drunk one beer at a bar before driving and swears on the loves of his three children he did not take cocaine, blaming the false positive on several coca colas and red bull drinks he had consumed before the test.

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