Piggies in the fiddle

STORE: Location of most of the stolen goods recovered Photo credit: Guardia Civil

OFFICER of the Guardia Civil have apprehended two people accused of a number of robberies from farms.

The detained were arrested in Almoradi and Orihuela and suspected of being behind nine crimes of robbery with force and driving infringements.  The case that stands out the most is of the 12 stolen piglets found in one of the cars that were stopped during the investigations.

The two men are 25 and 30-years-old, and the 25-year-old was also charged with driving the vehicles involved in the robberies, without a licence, and not having any identification documents.  He has already been sent to prison.

During investigations, the Guardia Civil noticed a similar pattern for the robberies which saw them locating targets during the day, and after stealing a vehicle moments beforehand carried out the thefts at night.  Once inside the farm premises, they stole mainly agricultural machinery, tools, copper wiring and oil drums…and on one occasion 12 piglets weighing 20 kilos each.  The value of the stolen goods amounted to more than €7,500.

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