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Pre-Christmas party season set for bumper returns

RESTAURANTS throughout the Murcia region are expected to enjoy a bumper Christmas party season.

According to a study by Universal Pay, they are expected to be taking an average of €7,656 per day spent on lunches and dinners during the festive period.  Despite what appears to be a high figure, only three over autonomous regions will return lower numbers per restaurant.

Murcia’s figure beats those of Castilla-La Mancha (€6,531) and the two enclaves on the North African mainland of Ceuta and Melilla with predicted daily takings of €5,119.

The average expected daily takings for restaurants across Spain for Christmas is €15,239, with the most being taken in Madrid (€23,338), Catalonia (€18,801) and the Canary Islands (€16,179).  Murcia head the bottom three as listed above.

The study foresees that the days during the Christmas season will be Saturday 9 and 16 December and Friday December 22.  On these dates, the hospitality sector is predicted to collect almost 25 per cent of its total takings for the entire pre-Christmas period.

Finally, the study revealed that the overall figures will show a five per cent increase compared to last year.

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