Rise and fall of births, marriages and deaths

ABOVE AVERAGE: Murcia bucks the Spanish national trend Photo credit: Pixabay

IN a series of figures released by the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE) it’s the mothers of Murcia that have the highest birth rate.

The data also shows that the people of Madrid have the longest life expectancy and those on the Canary Islands that marry later in life.

The numbers show that for the year 2016, the crude birth rate for the Murcia region was 10.57 (the rate per 1,000 of the population at the mid-point of the year) which was above the 8.80 national figure.  Murcia were also second in the list where there was a positive increase in the population with 1,327 (births minus deaths), coming behind Madrid with 5,163.

The Murcia region has a fluctuation of population related figures.  They may be high in the numbers of birth rates and a positive population increase but they have one of the lowest drops in the numbers of marriages – down 15 per cent and the highest on the Spanish mainland.  The average age of first time mothers is 31.22 and for getting married (32.76) with both ages among the youngest in the country.

Madrid is the community with the longest life expectancy, up to 84.54 years on average, ahead of Navarra (83.83) and Castilla y León (83.82).

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