Snowploughs on the way

PREPARED: Murcia region has 13 snowploughs at its disposal Photo credit: Twitter

THANKS to the help and assistance from central government, the Murcia region has been promised enough resources and equipment to enable them to cope with winter weather conditions.

As part of the 2017 / 2018 Winter Road Plan, thirteen snowploughs and 375,000 litres of brine will be available to take care of the region’s roads over the next few months.

Goverment delegate, Francisco Bernabé, and the Minister of the Presidency and Development, Pedro Rivera presented the plans that will guarantee safe conditions on the 578 kilometres of State controlled roads and the other 3,000 kilometres of highways in Murcia.

Facilities exist in the Murcia region to store 240,000 litres of brine and 1,000 tons of salt, and also allow for the quick deployment of 230 members of the traffic division of the Guardia Civil and 110 other municipal workers.

During the same period last year, 3,612 kilometres of roads was covered using 292,833 litres of brine and 320 tons of salt.

“Working together for all eventualities and emergencies is our priority.  We are prepared,” said Bernabé.

Common salt has traditionally been used as an anti-icing treatment on roads but in recent years that has slowly been replaced by brine – very concentrated solutions of salt – which ‘stick’ to the road surface better and doesn’t get thrown up and around by passing traffic as salt would and thus lose its effectiveness.

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