Speeding black spot comes under radar control

Speeding black spot comes under radar control

SPAIN’S Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) has installed a new radar in what has been discovered to be one of the greatest blackspots on the N-332 in the Alicante province.

The latest has been put along the Torrevieja by-pass on the stretch of the N-332 that runs alongside the QuirónSalud Hospital which has a particularly high concentration of accidents where the speed limit is restricted to 80kph.

Since 2014, the well-known section of the busy coastal road has had a continuous double white line down the middle to prevent overtaking; also, in 2016 €24,000 was invested in a series of warning signals that sense oncoming fast moving traffic and inform them of the overtaking restrictions in the Alicante direction.

However, despite all the signage, the incidents of speeding haven’t slowed down and so the decision was taken to install radar equipment to both deter and catch offending drivers.

Drivers using that section of the N-332 will not be advised of the radar’s location either on the DGT website or by means of a warning signpost that is common to other areas.

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