St. John‘s wort – Natural relief from stress and mild depression

St. John‘s wort
Natural relief from stress and mild depression

St. John‘s Wort (Hypericum perforatum L.), with its yellow flowers, can be found not only in all of Europe, but also in large parts of Asia, America and Australia.

The leaves have distinc¬tive dark green dots, which are in fact tiny little containers of the red active agent hypericin. For a long time people thought it was the main ingredient, but nowadays it is known that it is the combination of the many different ingredients, acting together as a whole, that give it its synergetic effect.

Quite recently, it has been discovered that St. John‘s Wort stimulates the pineal gland. Me¬latonin, a highly active hormone produced by this gland, influences and regulates our nerves and hormone production and plays an important role in our organism.

St. John‘s Wort has a stabilizing and strengthening effect on the body when it is under nerv¬ous or mental strain. The effects of stress are lessened. It regulates and strengthens the func¬tions of the nervous system and has a favorable effect in cases of nervous strain and light depression. On the one hand St. John‘s Wort relaxes, on the other, it has a stimulating effect; it lessens tiredness, but does not reduce energy and the ability to react. Hence, strained nerves can be balanced and strengthened in harmony with nature and our environment.

To achieve the full strengthening effect on the nerves, it is recommended that it be taken over a prolonged period of time. The effects build up slowly, appearing within two to three weeks.
While taking this St. John’s Wort, intensive UV-radiation should be avoided.

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