State aid toward electric cars

ON CHARGE: Up to €20,000 towards electric vehicles Photo credit: Wikimedia

PEOPLE living in the Murcia region will be able to qualify for a grant for up to €20,000 towards the purchase of electric vehicles.

The initiative has come from central government but the plan is for both regional and local authorities to add to the amount of subsidy that will come into force over the next few days.

Deputy spokesman of the Partido Popular (PP) in the Congress of Deputies, Theodore Garcia, said the approval of the MOVALT Plan, “…is an opportunity that helps accelerate the expansion of sustainable, alternative and efficient mobility.  Residents in Murcia can receive up to €20,000 in aid for the purpose of buying an electric vehicle.”

The objective of the plan is to increase the fleet of vehicles powered by alternative forms of energy and thus reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other polluting gases.  “This will also reduce the dependence on oil for Spain as a whole and the region in particular,” said Garcia.

Once the initiative is published in the Official State Bulletin (BOE), €20 million will be allocated and will range between €500 and €18,000 depending on the category of the vehicle purchased.

On top of this state aid, the regional community and the local council can increase the subsidy and also develop the number of recharging points, which is estimated to cost €15 million.

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