Stranded. 60 metres up!
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Stranded… 60 metres up in air as fairground ride breaks down

SEVEN PEOPLE were stranded 60 metres up in the air when an attraction at Valencia’s Christmas Fair broke down.

The ‘Gigant Maxx’ ride experienced a mechanical failure and riders were left suspended for over an hour and a half.

Police were on hand to calm users’ friends and family and firefighters assisted engineers to ensure riders were brought to safety as soon as possible.

The president of the Asociacion de Industriales Feriantes de Valencia Jose Esteban tried to put fairgoers minds at rest, stating that all attractions “pass very rigorous safety reviews”to guarantee safety.

“The thousands of people who visit the Christmas Fair can rest assured. Our attractions are reviewed before the fair opens and some pass up to four or five safety reviews each year in different provinces, as well as the mandatory annual review.”

Fairgoers experienced a similar experience last year on the ‘Gigant Maxx’ ride at the Yecla Fair.

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