Summer visitors arrive out of season
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Jellyfish arrive out of season on Costa Blanca

IN the days leading up to and during Christmas, dozens of fluorescent jellyfish have appeared stranded on a number of Torrevieja beaches.

Specimens of the ‘Pelagia noctiluca’ – a distinctive violet colour with a luminescent body – have been washed up. It’s a very common visitor in the Mediterranean Sea but is classed as one of the more dangerous as its tentacles and its bite contain a very nasty sting.

As a rule, they’re found only in deeper water and many miles away from the coastal areas, but during the breeding season they are known to encroach closer. However, on this occasion, it’s believed that their presence is related to a combination of currents and localised storms at sea that prevents them escaping.

This latest batch of multi-coloured visitors were discovered on the Playa Acequión and in an area protected from the most severe currents.

The Romans were once in awe of Noctiluca, a goddess that shone in the darkness, and thus the name given to this species of jellyfish.

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