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Tender issues continue to delay bullring rebuilding in Orihuela

A COMPANY has been given until Friday January 5 to put in their formal tender to demolish and renovate the Plaza de Toros in Orihuela. Otherwise, it appears that delays to the project are likely to continue.

Only two companies offered to carry out the programme of works for a budget of €347,065 and the one that was originally accepted has now been excluded after missing a deadline.
The bullring has been closed for more than 30 years and is in a poor state of repair. As such, the local council came up with a project to pull it down and convert it into a multipurpose leisure centre with a seating capacity for 2,800. Most of the original building – including the main ring itself – won’t be saved and only the front tier of existing seating will be kept since the other two are badly damaged.

The new complex is planned to have a cafeteria, public toilets, outside landscaped areas, and a small museum that will commemorate the history of bullfighting in Orihuela. The total plot will cover 7,200 square metres.

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