The way I see it…

The way I see it… (mind clinic)


Our bus arrived outside a nondescript long low red brick building, that I have namedStallag1V.

Morning mist clung to the ground, my breath forms a frozen cloud as it mingled with the chilled air.

The three of us were walked single file by our driver into the building, greeted by our minders. Claire is the head honcho, then Thelma and Michelle, all were official in their appearance, however with a friendly attitude.

We were sat in comfortable arm chairs and given tea or coffee and biscuits, this was not what I expected from Stallag 1V.

Thelma produced a black board in which we were asked searching questions. What day of the week is it? The date? The weather? And what year is It?

Next, we sang a song, Side by Side, later it was to be, It’s A Long Way To Tipperary. Next a simple card game. Then when prompted we had to look at a world map and tell our minders where we were born. In past visits, we had played with a ball, with a number stuck to our forehead, when Thelma called out a number, you had to roll the ball to the person whose number was called corresponding to the number fixed to their forehead.

All seems rather strange to you, does it? Earlier this year I was diagnosed with dementia, after having a disturbing series of symptoms, I was interviewed by a psychiatrist and a doctor and then by the senior consultant at the unit.

I was given a brain scan, after being injected with a dye.Now the second brain scan has  been done at the University College Hospital for nuclear medicine in London.

So where do I go from here? In 3 months, I will see the consultant again, the results of that last scan, showed that I will likely have Alzheimer’s/Dementia/ Lewy bodies, (Lewy bodies is a form of Parkinson’s disease), why likely? The scan showed a failure in brain functions, the only conclusive evidence is an autopsy on the brain after the patient has passed away.

Us the Thursday Boys as we call ourselves attend a mind clinic every Thursday morning, when else!

In the meantime, I have had to return my driving licence to the DVLA, so it’s no more driving for me, that is why I’m picked up in a bus and taken to the Mental health Centre at Epping hospital, Essex.

I jest! It’s my warped sense of humour Stallag 1V in truth it is a warm friendly place,with a great staff.

I try to continue my life as normal, I attend a games morning once a week, Scrabble, cards and other mind experience projects, I still write as you can see, I write notes to myself, and use my mobile and computer to help my memory. I’m determined to continue as before, and not allow the problem to upset my daily routine.

I recently read that the Chinese have just performed the first head transplant on a cadaver, now they will try on a live person, if needed I will volunteer, then I will be able to order a Chinese take away in Cantonese or another dialect.

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