The Way I see it

The way I see it…

T’is the season to be jolly, Fa, la, la, la, la, etc, etc.

Yes! This is season of good will, you may call me Ebenezer Scrooge, but let me fill you in on a few facts, that you could say has come straight from the pantomime horse’s mouth.

Finally, the great British government has woken up to the cost of overseas spending, after £12 million of tax payer’s money to fund an aid project in Syria is halted, after fears it may end up in the hands of terrorists.

This after many other aid projects had already been given to governments and countries that use the money in illegal or illicit ways to keep their inhabitants in extremely appalling conditions.

An almost secret government office called the CSSF, known by the few as the Conflict, Stability, and Security Fund, this department receives money from the Overseas Development Fund, this the ministerial part of government that spends our hard-earned money, by giving it away more often than not to countries supposedly helping them in their hour of need. However, it often ends up helping karaoke groups, samba dancing and buying poles for limbo dancing?

An eye watering amount of money has been given away by the British (tax payers) who are still trying to rule the world as we did during our Commonwealth days, during that time we took from most of Africa, India and some of the far East, we marched around in uniforms covered in gold braid and white plumes in our hats, looking rather grand.

Gone are those days,as we still try to look like the upper echelons of world domination, but to do this we have to dig deep, very deep, throwing money to the left and then to the right.

I have seen the ends of some of this money that has been given to countries such as The Sudan, Rwanda and Tanzania, yes! you could say that this is just a handful of examples, but believe me I know it happens in many other places.

OK let me give you my first insight into The Sudan. As an unpaid escort, I was responsible to take 25 lorries carrying 600 hundred tons of grain from Kampala into Uganda to a place called Ayod where we unloaded the trucks at a UN staging post, Ayod does not exist on any map.

There had been a war raging almost since the days General Gordon fell to the Mahdi Khartoum in 1885, now for many years skirmishes between the Islamic north and the mainly Christian (thanks to the British rule) south with many thousands of people killed maimed, women raped, villages burned to the ground, men and boys kidnapped and press ganged into fighting, often for the notorious? Peoples Sudanese Liberation army, these are a rag-tag band of men once led by a Sudanese educated in America, and then a splinter group led by a man with an impeccable British accent, guess where he was educated.

Much of the money that has been donated to the Sudan, for so called help to the poor and needy have ended up on both sides, in many cases to further the fighting in this ravaged country.

I travelled around 12 hundred miles with the lorries, we took salt and kegs of soap to give to people in the villages, as they have no shops, this made money worthless in almost all of the areas, not surprisingly, men and boys were armed, wore uniforms, some even had boots, others wore trainers.

The Way I see it

In Rwanda, I lived in the Virunga mountains with the huge silverback gorillas, as part of a programme to raise the worlds awareness in saving the almost extinct mountain gorillas.

In April 1994, I was woken by gunfire and screaming coming from the streets outside, I looked out to see bodies covered in blood, men running some firing guns other swinging machetes above their heads.

This was the outbreak of one of the worst ethnic cleansing civil war outrages in modern times, in three months almost one million people were killed many by their own relatives, The cause? Some funds given to the Democratic of the Congo the neighbouring country to Rwanda, was passed onto Hutu militia, to kill members of the opposing Tutsi tribe, relatives from inter-married families were killing each other in the streets, even babies were being hacked to death.

I managed to get out of the country, after a few weeks, as I had UN papers. The money given to the D.R.C came from the British overseas budget to be used on farming projects.

Next, I had been working with the Tanzanian army to catch the King of the Elephant poachers in the Selous. £50,000 pounds given out from the overseas development to a well-known charity to buy a high-speed boat to chase poachers on the Rufiji river disappeared after it was discovered that the part of the river that the boat was going to be used on had been dry for at least 3 years.

That is just a small example that I have seen with my own eyes. The waste by the British overseas development Fund has been astronomical, they mainly rely on the words of NGOs, who often or not in some cases are getting backhanders or some kind of reward for not always giving the right information.

Yes, we were Great Britain once, but it is about time we pulled in our horns and stop giving away tax payers money, including the huge sum that the E.U are asking for, we are much better than almost all of the European countries put together, we will survive as the E.U. are going to face a major crisis a few years ahead. We are still great but no longer with a capital G, and we can become bigger and better and more financially stable, if we stop giving to, karaoke training, samba dancing training, and let the limbo dancers find other sticks to dance under.

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