This week in France – Power to the President

This week in France - Power to the President

Power to the President
President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to ban the use of controversial weed killer glyphosate within three years, despite the EU voting to renew its license for a further five years on Monday.

Tiger shot dead
An escaped circus tiger was shot dead by its handler in the middle of a Paris district about a mile from the Eiffel Tower last Friday. Witnesses told the French press the animal was shot two or three times before it collapsed.

Suitable sentence?
A French teacher was handed an 18-month suspended sentence on Monday for having sex with a 14-year-old pupil. The 31-year-old maths teacher had an affair with the girl for several months this year after they struck up a conversation on Instagram.

Not on
France’s biggest secondary teachers’ union has called for strikes on Monday at 500 French schools in foreign countries in protest at planned cuts to budgets and staffing.

Jo Cox honoured
Murdered British MP Jo Cox has joined war-time Prime Minister Winston Churchill as one of the few British politicians to have been bestowed the honour of having a French street named after her. The town of Avallon in Burgundy has honoured the Labour MP.

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