This week in France

LACTALIS under investigation
FRENCH prosecutors have opened an investigation into the country’s dairy giant Lactalis following 20 cases of salmonella infection in small children. Nearly 7,000 tonnes baby formula milk and baby food products produced by a contaminated factory in Craon, northwest France have been recalled.

SECOND collision leaves one dead
A REGIONAL TRAIN TER collided on Boxing Day with a vehicle in Morbihan, northwest France. The car driver lost his life in the collision, which comes after a train smashed into a school bus in southern France on December 14, killing six teenagers.

BRING it back!
TURKEY’S Ministry of Culture and Tourism has requested that France return china tiles stolen from Sultan Selim II’s tomb at the Hagia Sophia in the 1890s. Some 60 Iznik tiles were stolen by Albert Dorigny of France in 1895 and replaced with imitation tiles. The stolen tiles were later displayed in Paris’ Louvre.

THE end of fossil fuel
FRANCE has just passed a new blanket ban on fracking and oil extraction that will enter into force in 2040. After 2040, no new drilling permits will be issued and licenses will not be renewed, putting an end to the fossil fuels’ production in France and its overseas territories.

FRENCH children’s magazine ‘Youpi’ has been withdrawn from newsstands after it admitted a “mistake” in writing that Israel wasn’t a “real country.” The January issue of the magazine for children aged 5 – 8 was removed from kiosk sales in France and Belgium.

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