This week in Germany – Market bomb discovered

This week in Germany - Market bomb discovered

Market bomb discovered

GERMAN police were searching for the sender of a package initially feared to contain a bomb found near a Christmas market in Potsdam, almost a year after a deadly terror attack at a similar market in Berlin. The device was uncovered at a pharmacy.

Widow’s pension

A COLLECTION of South African gold coins with a value of over €100,000 were found by an employee in a box of donated food at a senior care home in Mönchengladbach.  The contents included high-calorie drinks and were donated by a 78-year-old widow after her husband died.

Green light for Air Berlin purchase

GERMAN aviation giant Lufthansa has offered concessions to encourage the European Commission to green-light its planned purchase of parts of bankrupt Air Berlin.  Now that Lufthansa has submitted more extensive concessions, the deadline for Brussels to reach a decision has been pushed back to December 21.

Frozen kebab worries

THE EU Parliament is holding up a new law on using phosphate in frozen kebab meat. While the German newspaper Bild Zeitung says this threatens the future of the döner, EU MPs have said people have nothing to worry about.

Glow in the cards

POLICE revealed only this week that just under a fortnight ago they uncovered a series of playing cards tainted with radioactive material in Berlin’s Marzahn-Hellersdorf district. They were used by a player who was wearing a detector during an illegal card game.

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