This week in Germany - USA for Europe

This week in Germany – USA for Europe

USA for Europe

THE LEADER of Germany’s Social Democratic party has put down his red lines for talks to form another coalition government with Angela Merkel. In a speech at the SPD’s party conference in Berlin, Martin Schulz called for the creation of a “United States of Europe” by 2025.

Major train collision

POLICE said that several people have been injured – some local media reporting as many as 50 – after a passenger train and a freight train collided near Düsseldorf. The incident occurred near a train station in the town of Meerbusch and emergency crews helped people from the wreckage.

Berlin flag protest

INTERIOR Minister Thomas de Maizière has sharply condemned the burning of Israeli flags during anti-Israel protests in Berlin. Israeli flags were burned at the Brandenburg Gate during a pro-Palestinian demonstration against US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Terrorist false alarm

POLICE were alerted on Sunday afternoon after the tenant of a building in the Charlottenburg neighbourhood reported having found ammunition hidden behind some tires in the underground car park. According to a police spokesman, it is probably coincidental that the 7.65 calibre bullets were discovered close to a Christmas market

New village owner

THE ONLY bidder at an unusual auction put down €140,000 and walked away the new owner of a small slice of German history: the village of Alwine, population 20. Its empty homes and ageing residents mirror the wider fate of the ex-communist east German hinterlands since the country’s reunification 27 years ago.

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