Mercedes-Benz 770K Grosser Offener Tourenwagen

This week in Germany

FUHRER’S fortune
A Mercedes-Benz 770K Grosser Offener Tourenwagen once owned by Adolf Hitler is to be put up for auction next month. The auction house didn’t estimate the potential value of the car, but a classic car valuation expert has said it could fetch between $5-7 million (€4.2-5.9 million).

FESTIVE freedoms
The Justice Ministry in North Rhine-Westphalia released 631 prisoners ahead of Christmas so that they may celebrate the holiday with their families. At least 160 other prisoners were released from Berlin, although the state of Bavaria has refused to release prisoners, saying it undermines judicial norms.

MIGRANT attacks decreasing
Attacks on refugee shelters in Germany have decreased significantly this year, although politically-motivated attacks remain far more common than before Germany opened its borders to hundreds of thousands of migrants. According to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), 16 attacks involved arson and two involved explosives.

THANKS be to Trump…
Daimler and BMW have said that a new sweeping US tax reform giving major breaks to corporations will add hundreds of millions of Euros to their 2017 earnings. The tax law is expected to see Daimler’s net income grow by around 1.7 billion euros ($2 billion) this year.

RAPIST sentenced to life
A German court has sentenced a Romanian truck driver who confessed to the rape and murder of a jogger to life imprisonment. He had admitted in court to sexually assaulting and killing a 27-year-old German woman who had gone for an afternoon run.

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