This week in Iceland - Games on iceland

This week in Iceland – Games on iceland

Games on Iceland

GAME of Thrones‘ 8th season will partially be shot in Iceland next February.  It is expected that the crew and cast will spend at least a few days in Iceland and will depend on where there is enough snow for them to shoot their scenes.

Good Samaritan murdered

KLEVIS Sula, a 20-year-old man who died of his injuries following a stabbing at Austurvöllur square a week ago had been attempting to help the attacker whom he found sobbing alone in the square.  Police have arrested the suspect, an Icelander, and are using security camera footage as evidence.

It’s Oh So possible…

A PROPOSAL was made at the City of Reykjavik’s last cultural and tourism board meeting to raise a statue of Icelandic artist Björk at Harpa Conference Centre and Concert Hall. Björk, famous for It’s Oh so Quiet put Iceland on the world music map.

Eruption concerns remain

THE ICE cauldron in the Öræfajökull caldera continues to deepen and become larger as geothermal heat increases. This is shown by new measurements in the ice cauldron and these findings were presented at a meeting of the science unit of the Icelandic Civil Protection.

A Sonic decision for Bernie

BERNIE the African hedgehog is the first hedgehog ever to have been imported to Iceland.  His owner is Eszter Tekla Fekete who moved to Iceland with her family from Hungary. She has owned Bernie since 2015 and her family have waited over a year for permission.

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