This week in Iceland - Rudolph’s on the move

This week in Iceland – Rudolph’s on the move

Rudolph’s on the move

DRIVERS in East Iceland are being warned to keep an eye out for reindeer that are being frequently spotted on the area’s roadways where they’re not normally seen.  The warnings come from the Icelandic Road Administration and the East Iceland Nature Research Centre.

What’s in a name?

THE most popular names for babies in Iceland during 2016 are Emilía for girls and Alexander for boys, adding to the belief that there is an increasing trend for international names that are more pronounceable internationally than traditional Icelandic ones. Guðrún for girls and Jón for boys still remains the most popular overall.

Justice after three months

A YEMEN man has been now been charged with murdering Sanita Brauna from Latvia at her home in Hagamelur in West Reykjavik back in September. The charges against the man were for hitting her repeatedly in the face and head with three glass bottles and a fire extinguisher weighing almost 10 kilos.

Medicinal use for cannabis

MP’s from the Pirate Party have put forward a proposal to the Minister of Health to allow the use and production of cannabis for medicinal use in Iceland. They propose that Iceland look to the experience of countries that have already legalised cannabis for this purpose.

Happy development

A MAN has flown back to Iceland to retrieve his camera equipment after it was stolen while he was travelling in the country with his wife. The value of his property was just under $10,000 and was taken from their unlocked car outside their hotel.


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