This week in Russia - Shocking sentence

This week in Russia – Shocking sentence

Shocking sentence
A Moscow court has sentenced a former Russian economy minister to eight years in a high-security prison for corruption. Alexei Ulyukayev was also ordered to pay a $2.2m (€1.86m) fine as part of the punishment for soliciting a $2m bribe from Igor Sechin, the chief executive of the state oil company Rosneft.

RT expands again
Russian state broadcaster RT has launched a French-language channel despite being branded this year as a “propaganda” outlet for the Kremlin by officials in the United States, France, and other Western countries. RT, formerly known as Russia Today, already broadcasts in English, Spanish, and Arabic. – Shocking

‘I’m out’
Russia is to withdraw its military officers from a joint Russia-Ukraine centre monitoring a fragile truce in the conflict-torn eastern Ukraine. Russia’s foreign ministry accused Ukraine of preventing the officers from carrying out their duties, saying they would leave on Tuesday.

Caught on camera
A video showing the moment Russian police burst in on a packed nightclub and began punching, kicking and electrocuting partygoers has emerged online. The CCTV footage shows officers rushing into the Karakum nightclub in Yelets in the Lipetsk Oblast region of Russia.

I spy…
Russia is holding a Norwegian man on suspicion of spying after he allegedly received classified documents from a Russian man who is also under arrest. The Russian press cited unnamed sources as saying that Frode Berg was caught receiving classified material about the Russian Navy that he allegedly planned to hand over to Norwegian and U.S. intelligence agencies.

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