This week in Scandinavia – Top 50 beach spot

This week in Scandanavia - Top 50 Beach spot

Top 50 beach spot

CANADIAN travel agency Flightnetwork asked 600 travel journalists, editors, bloggers and agencies and has come up with a list of what they claim to be 50 best beaches in the world. Værøy beach in Lofoten comes in the 23rd place.

Redgrave rewarded

ACTRESS Vanessa Redgrave, 80, has been honoured by the Swedish Stockholm Film Festival for her work in film and theatre.

The six-time Oscar-nominated British actress is known for her tremendous talent as well as her political activism. Her directing debut, Sea Sorrow, was featured during the festival.

Brought to account

DANISH homeless people are now able to open bank accounts in order to receive their benefits thanks to an initiative from Kommunernes Landsforening, and the umbrella organisation for banks, Finansdanmark.  Until now, it was a case of no address – no bank account.

Russian people smugglers

A RUSSIAN family of three is suspected of smuggling dozens of people to Finland through the Saimaa Canal.

The father and his two children – a grown-up daughter and an underage son – were taken into custody after 17 people were found hiding inside their 12-metre motorboat in June.

Extra migrant help

HELSINKI City Council voted 45–39 in favour of a proposal to expand the rights of undocumented immigrants to health and medical care services after a heated debate. They will be entitled to medication, vaccination, dental care, medical monitoring and treatment for chronic diseases.

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