This week in Scandinavia – Very high ho, ho, ho!

Very high ho, ho, ho!

AN inflatable Santa Claus has been given pride of place at the top of the Hornelen Mountain in Norway’s Nordfjord region.  Considered Europe’s highest sea cliff, the 860 metre high Hornelen forms the eastern tip of the Bremangerlandet Island in in Sogn og Fordane County.

Accused rapist acquitted

A COURT in Sweden has acquitted five men accused of raping a woman in the Stockholm district of Fittja in 2016, on the basis that there was insufficient evidence to convict them of the crimes.  Three of the men were charged with aggravated rape and two with complicity.

Time to go home?

DENMARK’S Venstre Party spokesperson for immigration Marcus Knuth has said that all refugees granted asylum in the country should be returned to their home country once it is considered to be safe, regardless of employment status.  His statement comes despite a report saying refugees have helped fill job vacancies.

Expensive traffic jams

Calculations from the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) says that traffic delays on the country’s roads currently cost the country an estimated 20 billion kroner annually, and they have called for more resources to be spent on better road networks and public transport.


Not going anywhere…yet

FINLAND’S Minister for Foreign Affairs, Timo Soini has revealed that he is re-considering his decision to leave politics at the end of the current electoral term in 2019.  “I’m now promising to consider if I should after all go to the Parliament or to Europe in 2019. Give me time. I’ll be needing it,”

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